New strides in marketing activity

Creating projects
from scratch to
absolute perfection

300+ successful campaigns
in more than 3 years


Marketing, e-commerce and SEO is only a part of what we’re great at

We do small and big things

All the essential tasks
are done patiently

Marketing campaigns


Setting up campaigns from A to Z with eccentric details to everything

Perfect funnels


Delivering traffic exactly where it's needed with pinpoint precision and accuracy

Data management


Analyzation, extraction and processing of all data with quality evaluation

Precision decisions


Hitting the perfect middleground of Over/Under

SEO Optimization


Excellence in keyword optimization, product and site promotion

Campaign design

Excellent campagin

Creating the perfect design that matches your identity and vision of your product

From a small town to the big city

It’s time to
share our story

SEP 21

Taking on a new approach

A bunch of crazy, success driven marketers got together and decided to make themselves their own bosses - that's how PixelBridge started.

Some very simple goals were in mind - to do everything perfectly, think outside of the OUTSIDE box and hit success early. Highly motivated and feeling a fresh start, we hit the stride early on and created the perfect email campaign for ourselves. All it took was just 4 days to get our hands on a new project.

JAN 23

Just getting started

Our next step was to grow our operations and create new connections.

We saw our potential and wanted to accelerate our growth. And thats exactly what we did.

At start of 2019 we hit the ground running with 19 active campaigns and 12 different clients with aim to increase our profits 20% each month. With every month not only did we reach our goals, but exceeded them on most months.

JUL 29

What we had achieved so far

PixelBridge is growing well and steadily throughout 2019 and 2020. At this point we are working with a large group of clients all over the world, big and small.

It did not take long to see that we are ready to take on new heights. Why limit our growth if we can meet the demand? This is where our next step comes into play with about 6 months given to ourselves to plan, strategize and execute.


And this is where we are

And it's time to execute! We are looking to expand to new heights and new regions. Do you have what it takes to be a part of us?

We operate and manage a creative development and design team with a dedicated and efficient administration team. Our focus has grown from marketing operations to massive marketing management. We are always looking for new members that are interested in contributing with their ideas, produce great results and help us mold our future vision for what it could be.

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